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Providing individual salon branded communications, reviews, and loyalty programs


Why Salonlink

The wonder, awe, imagination and talent of hair stylists the world over is well known amongst….well, other stylists. And is a relatively well kept secret from the public in general and more incredulously, the clients of these same stylists.


Salonlink’s commitment to the dynamism and creativity of the world’s professional hair care practitioners is to leave no stone unturned in telling their story salon by salon, client by client.


How You Ask


We do it simply by tapping the ever-expanding communication tools of today to craft and compile stories and images, reviews and comments, and showcase the talent, the products, and the processes that each salon’s clientele become empowered by knowing. and the Salonlink Connected program is an exercise in permission based marketing leveraging the unique relationship of salon and customer as a trusted oasis and extending that special environment beyond the physical limits of the salon itself. The expertise of Salonlink and its online publishing team safeguards the potential emotional nitroglycerin sometimes associated with electronic communications, personal data, and privacy, especially within the time honoured trusted relationship cherished by the salon and its clientele. is a program designed to leverage why people go online and translate that commitment to the existing special relationship between salon stylist and salon client, capturing it, and extending it onto an online platform. The formula in doing so captures that all people go online to learn, to do, or to buy something. This salon branded loyalty program is dedicated to providing hair care and industry information of value to the customer (To Learn), participatory options such as DIY, surveys and sampling along with exclusive events to attend (To Do), and incentive offers and promotions (To Buy).


The Salonlink Connected Program is a comprehensive multi-faceted communications platform and program promoting engagement and loyalty between salon and client. Multi-faceted in delivery and provision of valued information, purchase incentives, and entrees to exclusive access under the branded presence of the client’s preferred salon.


Each participating salon in the Salonlink Connected program leverages its individually branded website and enhances its ability to communicate directly with its clientele as well as track and analyze client activity in services and product purchases.


Who Are We?

People with hair who care….a modest collection of talented, experienced, passionate people committed to those that cut our hair and whose true creative talent deserves its due.

Salonlink - Revealing the true talent of the hair care world to the people least aware - clients.

Ask questions, share knowledge and earn Z points.

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