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"Connected" and Salons: The story for 2018

The Road to Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy
As we enter the 4th quarter for 2018 what can we say about the "Connected" program and the salons that participate in the program:
What Has Taken Place:
  • There are 15 salons with content and review platforms built for them, 10 of which are live and generating traffic, reviews, and awareness. There are another 25 slated to be brought online as well
  • so far tin 2018 alone we have seen over 10,000 visitors online and over 25,000 page views, and most of that by the original 1/2 dozen salons, with the new ones now developing their own audiences and coming along quite well.
  • The salons as a group have over 250 reviews posted. What is interesting though is that even salons with only a handful of reviews are seeing daily traffic of 5 - 10 people seeing them. And a few salons have their reviews posted on their home page which also serves as a link to their Google reviews.
  • The star salon is Tappa with 112 reviews and a major benefit has been that their staff when searched on Google turn up on Page 1 with the "Connected" program occupying the top 5 - 8 results plus images. An example: