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"Connected" As a Program to Aid Sales

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Increased Sales
From Increased Communications
Is this a scenario you currently experience?
Sometimes among your community of salons, there comes an opportunity to mention Wella's "Connected" program as a further enhancement towards the relationship you are seeking with a particular salon. And some salons react in a variety of ways from detached interest to open enthusiasm. And from there some salons get added to the program and others fall by the wayside. Yet as long as any and all of those salons remain or come into the Wella fold, that's the net/net objective.
From what we have seen this year, the "Connected" program has kicked up some interesting sales options. Now that a dozen salons and counting are on the program, many opportunities and experiences have emerged that can be put to good sales use.
  • Targeted Promotions:    Consider that Tappa Hair Salon does proprietary promos in their salon all the time, as do many salons. If you wanted to introduce or promote a new product or move some stagnant inventory in a particular salon, what facilities do you have to do so. With "Connected" all it takes is an email to us saying which salon, which product(s) for what time frame and we look after the rest.
  • Cross Promotions:    We recently did a cross promotion for leisure wear in a salon that garnered high levels of attention from the salon's clientele. We are committed to bring these developments to your attention so that you have the option to participate on a selected or widespread basis that suits your needs.
  • Website Development:    You notice that a salon you are focused on has an out of date website. We have a $1,500 professional website program available with flexible financing  terms and other benefits. And guaranteed to deliver maximum search, ranking and traffic results. Plus the "Connected" program is included.
  • One on One Consulting:    Later this month we will offer salons a comprehensive one on one consulting program (independently priced and quoted) geared to assist them with everything from social media to increasing their retail sales by 25%. Your value and Wella's value to a salon is enhanced by anything you can offer that is simple for you to initiate yet great benefit to the salon.
  • "Face Time" Communications:    Promotions, consulting, and the "Connected" program all add up to those of us at Salonlink being in frequent contact with salon ownership and staff. Leverage our frequency and avenues of communication to increase your "face time" without adding to your workload.
  • Newsletter to Salons:    By year end we plan to implement a monthly newsletter to salons in the "Connected" program. This vehicle becomes a gateway for you to get across messages, stories, anecdotes that most times today fall by the wayside. We live in a socially connected world, yet how much of your sales efforts mirror such activity.
  • Social Media:    As the "Connected" program increasingly engages with a salon's social media efforts, the opportunity emerges for you to tap into those efforts as well. Take selfies and photos on your salon visits and send them to us. We will do the copy, post online, and add to social media. We already do it with several salons to great benefit. It all contributes to a simple metric in today's sales world, i.e. a higher profile = higher sales results.
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