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Talking Points: Influencing a Prospect Salon

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Something to Talk About
We know that the "Connected" program is a benefit and boost to any salon's efforts to raise awareness, invite engagement, and ultimately garner new customers. Yet unless the salon owner hears Facebook, Instagram, or Google, their eyes may sometimes gloss over anything that is online related, marketing related, or smacks of more work.
Here are talking points that you can pick and choose to enable you to leverage a Wella asset that you can turn into a sales advantage:
  • Put 3 cups on a counter or table. Explain to your salon contact that Facebook is one, Instagram is another, and the rest of the internet is the 3rd. The followers that the salon has on Facebook and Instagram are closed communities like 2 of the 3 cups. "Connected" brings everything in the two cups into the 3rd appealing to a whole new audience.
  • Whether a salon is sophisticated or unpolished about things internet, the "Connected" program adds to and enhances whatever results they have at the time. The program is not a replacement. The posting of content and reviews adds to the online footprint of their website and continually increases their prominence in the eyes of Google and the other search engines.
  • Our Reviews platform creates a gateway for clients to access the salon's Google reviews from their website rather than having to do a Google search that brings up competitors listings as well.
  • Our reviews platform includes profiling the salon, staff, and products. Doing so brings the salon to page 1 on Google and the salon's staff as well.
  • The "Connected" program offers unique and exclusive promos and marketing options from online referral programs to cross promotions.
  • The "Connected" program puts control into the hands of the salon to have a say online and to respond to critical reviews.
  • The "Connected" program starts with creating awareness for the salon at higher levels than whatever they are achieving today. The program's options, content, and reviews  then move to elevate client engagement ultimately leading to attracting new clients and turning existing ones into advocates.
  • Any salon needs to realize that any effort that raises the salon's profile, elevates its standing in reviews, and enhances its social media efforts all without having to do anything additional - can only be a good thing.
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